Trusted distributors with
over 30 years of experience.

Honesty. Integrity. Reliability.

Proudly Canadian

Proud to be a Canadian Company
Trusted distributors with
over 30 years of experience
Integrity is our name. Solid Principles is our game.
Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Our founders, Ian and Wendy Crouch, started WIC Marketing as a husband and wife team in 1987. They started from the ground up by participating in trade shows and cold calling potential clients. Ian and Wendy worked tirelessly from home, obtaining product lines' exclusive rights to sell in Canada.

Growth as a Company

One account expanded into many more. Our passion for marketing reliable, high quality products has enabled us to work with global brands. Over the years, we have worked with big seasonal brands such as Pumpkin Masters and Paas.

Presently at WIC

WIC Marketing is currently run by a passionate and dedicated team of experts, they specialize in distribution channels to and for big-box retailers. No product has ever been returned since the founding of WIC!

Our Purpose

Our mission is to market high quality products at reasonable prices to Canadians all across the country. Our vision is to give our clients an outstanding business experience through solid principles and integrity.

We're One Of Canada's
Largest Seasonal and
Specialty Products Distributors

Be it Easter, Halloween, or Christmas, any season or any special products, we help businesses market and distribute their products all across Canada through our vast network. If you have a product and want to break into the Canadian market, reach out to us!

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We Can Help
Your Business

Unsure on how to put your products on the shelves of retailers? WIC will do the heavy lifting and reach out to them so you don't have to. We serve our clients by helping them secure distribution contracts with retail chains across Canada. Whether the products are seasonal, niche, or in between, we'll find the right businesses to hit your target audience.

Core Product Lines

Please contact us for a full catalogue, pricing, samples, or for more details.

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